Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman on ‘Portals to Hell’ on Discovery+ and Their Spookiest Moments

Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman in room 305, rocking chair

If you’re growing tired of being home, take solace in the fact you’re not sheltering in the haunted places Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman explore in Portals to Hell, which premiered the second half of Season 2 March 20 on Discovery+. From haunted mansions to terrifying abandoned amusement parks, the pair (guest investigator Heather Taddy joins in for a few adventures) uncover supernatural secrets in some of the creepiest locales yet. 

The opening two-hour investigation available now on the streamer features unprecedented access to the McCormick Farm, the former Colorado property of father-son serial killers Tom and Michael McCormick. As many as 17 victims were reportedly buried on the grounds. 

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Here, Jack and Katrina talk to TV Insider about their scariest moments and spots they want to venture to next. 

Did you find it easier to get into these places now that you have a built-in track record? 

Jack Osbourne: It’s funny you say that. For Season 1 when we were trying to get locations, people would ask, “What’s the name of the show?” We’d tell them it was Portals to Hell. They’d be like,” You’re not filming here.” I think people can see the show now and know we’re not some kind of lunatics trying to conjure up the devil. I think more are cool with us coming to their abode. 

Did filming wrap before the COVID shutdown? 

Jack: Right before the lockdown happened in February [2020], we were flying back from Arizona. When we had the connection flight where we were going our separate ways I said to her, “Bye Katrina. Don’t die.” This was before all of the craziness happened, but I’m a bit of a tin foil hat wearer. I thought it would be bad, and everyone thought I was crazy. It’s kind of crazy we ended up flying home and stuck there for six months [before filming began again]. 

Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman


Katrina Weidman: And that was the last thing he said to me. Ominous words I had in my head there. 

What was the one moment out of these investigations that stood out for you? 

Katrina: It was the Captain Grant’s Inn in Connecticut. We heard there were 300 spirits and they all talked to them. I think Jack and I were already skeptical. Over the course of the investigation, we start to wonder if it’s accurate because somebody [seems to have] psychic abilities they are not aware of. We did an experiment with the homeowner [Carol] … and were taken aback by what happened. It was over an hour of her accurately saying things to us. It was a strange night. 

Jack: I enjoyed the Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, Arizona just because it’s a really cool little town. We did a Ouija board and had some really crazy stuff happen. I think it sticks out because it was really the first episode before we all got locked down. The history of the place is awesome, but the Ouija board experience we had was wild. 

Heather comes in for a number of episodes. How do you feel she meshes with your approach, Jack? 

Jack: Heather is awesome. It was relatively seamless because she comes from the literal same school of paranormal investigations as Katrina. They have similar sensibilities and ways they like to work. I was worried because I hadn’t investigated with anyone new in a while, but Heather is an absolute champ. 

Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman


Katrina, do you find there’s an uptick of women interested in exploring the paranormal?

Katrina: Believe it or not women have really made up the majority of the paranormal field and also the audience. We haven’t been represented in spite of this. It’s always been a boys club. What I’m seeing now is a bigger table being built for everyone to have a seat. Are we completely there yet? No, but we’re getting there.

What’s inspiring to me is when I go out to conferences or comic cons or social media, I’ll get messages from grandmothers and mothers who tell me we’re inspiring their daughters to go into a science field. Or that we’re showing them they don’t have to be that scared girl who runs and screams at a scary situation. It really does make it worth it. 

What’s on your bucket list to explore next? 

Katrina: I always champion for someplace warm and sunny. So, Hawaii would be mine. I would also love to go back to Europe and investigate more. 

Jack: I really want to do Alcatraz. I think it would be great to do an investigation there. 

 Portals to Hell, Saturdays on Discovery+.