James Blunt drives a tuk-tuk around Ibiza streets

James Blunt drives a tuk-tuk around Ibiza streets


James Blunt drives a taxi around the streets of Ibiza.

The 47-year-old singer imported a tuk-tuk from Thailand to his home in Ibiza and people on the island keep mistaking him for a professional taxi driver.

He shared: “It says taxi on it and people stop me and go, ‘Hey mate, how much is it to Ibiza Town?’ Then they go, ‘Oh God, it’s you!’

“Then they go, ‘Oh no, man, what happened?’ And I just go, ‘It’s five euros – let’s go!'”

James – who lives in Ibiza with his wife Sofia Wellesley and their two sons – thinks rickshaws are perfectly suited to the narrow streets of the island.

And the ‘You’re Beautiful’ hitmaker has gifted a second tuk-tuk to one of his two sisters.

He told Alan Carr’s ‘Life’s A Beach’ podcast: “She uses hers on the school run.”

James served in the British army before finding fame as a pop star, and he previously revealed he’s lived all around the world during his younger years.

He explained: “I was an army brat who lived on army patches – in Cyprus, Hong Kong, Germany and as far afield and exotic as Yorkshire. Every two years we’d move with my father’s helicopter pilot’s job and I’d knock on doors and ask, ‘Do you have any children of a similar age?’

“If so, you’d make a best friend for two years; then never see them again. In Cyprus my best friends were Canadians. In Germany there was lots of bratwurst and chips, but in Cyprus the simple Greek food was fantastic – Mediterranean, delicious and very healthy.”

James also admitted to being jealous of Italian soldiers during his time in the military.

He said: “The Italian soldiers I worked with had much better ration packs, even containing shots of grappa.

“They’d have fantastic coffee and we’d stop beside them in the armed vehicle as they brewed it and they’d offer us some, but wouldn’t have dreamt of trying ours – they’d just politely laugh.”