Kendall Jenner moves out of house

Kendall Jenner moves out of house


Kendall Jenner has moved out of her house.

The 25-year-old model recently obtained a restraining order against Malik Bowker, 24, after she was informed by police that he allegedly intended to buy a gun and shoot the both of them but she’s decided it’s become to risky to stay at her Beverly Hills home and has now left the abode with no plans to return.

According to TMZ, Kendall has moved to a safe location with armed security, but it is unclear as yet if she plans to sell her house.

The ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star was recently reported to have stepped up security following the scary threat from Bowker, and an incident with an intruder when at 2am Sunday (28.03.21), an alleged trespasser got onto her estate and attempted a naked swim in her pool.

Earlier this week it was reported that legal documents state that Bowker has been placed on a psychiatric hold at a local hospital and is due to be released, which is said to be causing the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star “severe emotional distress and anxiety”.

Kendall has claimed to have never met Bowker before and is petrified that he will cause her harm, which is why she applied for the restraining order that means he has to stay 100 yards away from her at all times by law.

In 2018, the brunette beauty was awarded a five-year restraining order against an alleged stalker.

John Ford was arrested after he was found sitting outside her home for the second time in a week, and after Kendall was originally given a temporary document ordering Ford to stay 100 yards away from her and her home at all times, she was later granted a more permanent protective order.

Ford’s arrest on October 16, 2018, came after another incident the week previous, in which he scaled the mountainside at the back of her gated complex and was spotted by her team sitting in her backyard by her pool.

Police were called at the time but Ford had gone by the time they arrived, and so no arrest was made until he was spotted once again on Kendall’s front porch.

Following his arrest, Ford was held on a 5150 psychiatric hold, but after a psychiatrist deemed him to be mentally stable the following day, he was released.

However, on the morning of October 18, just hours after he was released, the LAPD then swooped in to arrest Ford once again, booking him for criminal trespass and violating a restraining order.