Scarlett Johansson was sceptical about Marvel role

Scarlett Johansson was sceptical about Marvel role


Scarlett Johansson was sceptical about starring as a superhero in the Marvel series.

The 36-year-old actress – who has played Black Widow in the hit movies for a number of years – admitted she initially thought the whole concept would be a “disaster”.

She said: “Even the thought of all of us together in our superhero costumes sounded like it was going to be a disaster. Not a disaster, but, like, ‘What is this? What is this?'”

However, there was one moment for Scarlett which really made her feel like it was “going to work”.

Speaking about the iconic shot of her and her castmates standing in the city as it burns down around of them, she added: “I remember doing that 360 shot, and we’re standing in the rubble of Grand Central or whatever, of this alien onslaught, and all of us are ready, like: Here we go, this is it.

“And then they showed us the playback, and I think that was the moment that all of us, finally, after six months of shooting, were, ‘Oh, this is going to work. I think this is going to work.'”

Scarlett has worked with a number of directors over the years, and she admitted she “misses” being able to “pull apart” her role, as she did with ‘Marriage Story’ director, Noah Baumbach.

Speaking to The Gentlewoman, she added: “Noah could talk things out forever. Forever. He could spend hours just talking through one scene, and it becomes part of our life.

“He loves to pull all that stuff apart. I miss that, I miss that part of my job. The problem-solving, figuring out why stuff is not working – that’s the fun stuff.”