– Share of state experiencing drought conditions (20-year average): 95,420 sq. mi. (16.4% of land area); 159,582 people (23.2% of population)— Moderate drought: 6,632 sq. mi. (1.1% of land area); 17,167 people (2.5% of population)— Severe drought: 905 sq. mi. (0.2% of land area); 3,466 people (0.5% of population)— Extreme drought: 112 sq. mi.; 703 people (0.1% of population)— Exceptional drought: zero sq. mi.; no peopleThe beginning of the longest drought on record in the state of Alaska was July 17, 2018; the end did not come until Jan. 14, 2020. The week of Aug. 27, 2019, was the worst of the 79-week drought. Drought in Alaska impacts agriculture and wildlife, as well as the people living and working in the region.