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– Share of state experiencing drought conditions (20-year average): 29,023 sq. mi. (49.4% of land area); 4,792,809 people (49.5% of population)— Moderate drought: 19,307 sq. mi. (32.8% of land area); 3,329,018 people (34.4% of population)— Severe drought: 11,806 sq. mi. (20.1% of land area); 2,138,996 people (22.1% of population)— Extreme drought: 5,776 sq. mi. (9.8% of land area); 999,275 people (10.3% of population)— Exceptional drought: 1,490 sq. mi. (2.5% of land area); 262,004 people (2.7% of population)Like most of its regional neighbors in the South, Georgia is enjoying a spell where most of the state is free of abnormally dry or drought conditions. At one point during a long drought that lasted from 2006–2008, however, about half the state was classified as experiencing exceptional drought. Other long and destructive droughts plagued the state for much of the 2010s.