#10. Hawaii



– Share of state experiencing drought conditions (20-year average): 3,634 sq. mi. (56.2% of land area); 654,961 people (48.1% of population)

— Moderate drought: 1,885 sq. mi. (29.1% of land area); 232,846 people (17.1% of population)

— Severe drought: 714 sq. mi. (11.0% of land area); 59,646 people (4.4% of population)

— Extreme drought: 160 sq. mi. (2.5% of land area); 14,265 people (1.0% of population)

— Exceptional drought: 10 sq. mi. (0.1% of land area); 485 people

Recreation and agriculture are both being negatively affected by conditions in Hawaii, where 19.9% of the state is abnormally dry, and parts are faring worse. Over the last two decades, drought has cost the state millions of dollars, most notably in the ranching industry, which lost $44.5 million alone because of a lack of rainfall.