Judge dismisses former SGA president’s lawsuit against WKU

SGA met on March 20 to discuss upcoming events on campus and to finalize bills from the previous meeting. President of SGA Andi Dahmer gave a report at the meeting on current events on campus and upcoming bills to be passed at later meetings.

Jacob Latimer

A federal judge dismissed a former Student Government Association president’s lawsuit against the university on March 2.

The suit, which was filed in 2018, individually named WKU President Timothy Caboni, General Counsel Andrea Anderson, and Director of Student Activities Charley Pride.

Dahmer claimed that WKU violated Title IX and 42 of the U.S.Code in their response to on-campus harassment she said she experienced and reported to the university.

According to the case memorandum, Dahmer claims to have experienced harassment from members of SGA during her time as president, and eventually left campus due to safety concerns.

The university rebuked Dahmer’s accusations after the suit was filed, claiming that they were “maliciously untrue.”

U.S. District Court Judge David Hale dismissed the case federally, and remanded the case to state court after finding that WKU wasn’t aware of harassment until February 2018, when Dahmer’s case was reported to the Title IX office by her residence hall director.

Caboni, Anderson, and Pride were all granted qualified immunity after a decision that Dahmer did not prove a violation of her Constitutional rights.

The Herald called Dahmer’s attorney, who declined to comment on the dismissal.

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