#17. Oklahoma



– Share of state experiencing drought conditions (20-year average): 33,575 sq. mi. (48.0% of land area); 1,655,195 people (44.1% of population)

— Moderate drought: 21,650 sq. mi. (31.0% of land area); 983,144 people (26.2% of population)

— Severe drought: 13,072 sq. mi. (18.7% of land area); 540,002 people (14.4% of population)

— Extreme drought: 6,697 sq. mi. (9.6% of land area); 236,888 people (6.3% of population)

— Exceptional drought: 2,295 sq. mi. (3.3% of land area); 60,367 people (1.6% of population)

Drought—frequently extreme or exceptional in nature—devastated Oklahoma for an uninterrupted 239 weeks from 2010–2015, with nearly 70% of state land baking under exceptional drought conditions at its peak in 2011. After a very brief reprieve, drought conditions returned to the state, where 48.1% of Oklahoma is now abnormally dry, with moderate to severe drought conditions across a large chunk of real estate.

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