Kate Winslet recalls feeling ‘objectified’ on set

Kate Winslet recalls feeling ‘objectified’ on set


Kate Winslet has felt “objectified” at times during her career.

The Oscar-winning actress has revealed she’s recently come to the realization that she’s been objectified by different people during her time in the film business.

Speaking about the lesbian love scenes in her new film ‘Ammonite’, Kate told the Radio Times: “We weren’t objectified in any way. But that also made me realize that I’ve felt a little objectified in the past.”

The 45-year-old actress plays the part of Mary Anning – a paleontologist who has a secret romance with Charlotte Murchison, played by Saoirse Ronan – in the movie.

And Kate has insisted she felt “very equal and very safe” during the shoot.

She shared: “We realized that by removing dialogue, we could explore the desire and depth of connection between these two women further.

“I learnt a lot. It felt very equal and very safe.”

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Kate revealed making ‘Ammonite’ has led her to develop an interest in fossil hunting.

The award-winning actress said: “I worked with a wonderful paleontologist and he knows every nook and cranny.

“I did also find a piece of an ichthyosaur’s skull and was able to identify it. I was very proud of myself.

“It was really exciting. It was almost at the waterline as the tide had gone out – tucked away in a rock pool.”

Despite developing a passion for fossil hunting, Kate admitted she struggled with some of the outfits she was asked to wear.

She said: “I just know that with all the bending and twisting and heavy lifting on beaches, there’s just no way that Mary wore a corset.

“We went down this road of putting her in work trousers underneath her dress.

“We also put her in a chunky jumper that made me so boiling hot. In the end I had it without the sleeves.”