Orlando Bloom is ‘running joke’ amongst friends

Orlando Bloom is ‘running joke’ amongst friends


Orlando Bloom has been a “running joke” since he revealed his healthy eating tips.

The ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ star confessed he regularly has collagen powder, green powders and “brain octane oil” for his breakfast and since the interview went viral, his friends and family haven’t stopped making his comments the punchline of all of their jokes.

Speaking on The Chris Evans Virgin Radio breakfast show, he quipped: “I’ve been the running joke of my friend groups and family. I was asked what my porridge recipe was. By the way, vanilla in your porridge will take it to the next level.”

In the original interview, Orlando discussed his plant-based diet.

He said: “I like to earn my breakfast so I’ll just have some green powders that I mix with brain octane oil, a collagen powder for my hair and nails, and some protein. It’s all quite LA, really. Then I’ll go for a hike while I listen to some Nirvana or Stone Temple Pilots. By 9am it’s breakfast, which is usually porridge, a little hazelnut milk, cinnamon, vanilla paste, hazelnuts, goji berries, a vegan protein powder and a cup of PG Tips.

“I’m 90 per cent plant-based, so I’ll only eat a really good piece of red meat maybe once a month. I sometimes look at a cow and think, that’s the most beautiful thing ever. At some point in time we’ll look back and not be able to believe we used to eat meat.”