#30. Mississippi



– Share of state experiencing drought conditions (20-year average): 14,757 sq. mi. (30.9% of land area); 923,267 people (31.1% of population)

— Moderate drought: 7,132 sq. mi. (14.9% of land area); 450,544 people (15.2% of population)

— Severe drought: 3,110 sq. mi. (6.5% of land area); 199,044 people (6.7% of population)

— Extreme drought: 1,093 sq. mi. (2.3% of land area); 74,908 people (2.5% of population)

— Exceptional drought: 151 sq. mi. (0.3% of land area); 11,964 people (0.4% of population)

After a respite from widespread dryness, parts of Mississippi are experiencing conditions ranging from abnormal dryness to moderate drought. Other significant droughts have gripped the state in the past two decades. In 2016, the bulk of the eastern and central portion of the state were hit with an extreme drought. Burn bans were called throughout the state, power lines were strained, crop production suffered, and construction projects were halted.