Billie Eilish’s protective brother

Billie Eilish’s protective brother


Billie Eilish’s brother feels incredibly “protective” over her.

The ‘everything i wanted’ hitmaker’s older sibling Finneas O’Connell admits he “absolutely” worries about his younger sister’s safety but equally doesn’t want to be too “overbearing” when he is around the 19-year-old superstar.

Speaking to The Sunday Times’ Style magazine, he said: “Yeah, absolutely. We have a team we really trust and our parents around, but I always think of it, because of the amount of people we meet. I’m always trying to help facilitate the safest environment for her. She’s 19 now, but over the past couple of years, she was very young. And so I’ve wanted to be as protective as I can. I never wasn’t in a room with her when we wrote with other people in the first couple of years, and part of that was the feeling, ‘I want to keep this kid safe.’ Not to be overbearing, but just a witness. Make sure that nobody is being a creep.”

Billie previously insisted her and her brother’s working relationship hasn’t changed since their early days of creating music together, despite her international fame.

She explained: “There’s a lot of disagreeing and agreeing – everything you can possibly disagree about and everything you can possibly agree about with him. But it makes everything closer to home. Does that make sense? Like when we’re on tour, I go with my brother and my mum comes and my dad comes. We’re leaving our home but we’re all still home a little bit. But writing with him, it was so natural at first. It really wasn’t disingenuous, it was just like, ‘We live two feet away from each other, why don’t we do this together?’ We still make stuff in the same room, we don’t need a big studio or whatever. We use my brother’s tiny little room in our tiny little house and it still works for us.”