Gov. Andy Beshear announced the first reported case of the coronavirus on March 6 at a press conference. He encouraged all Kentuckians to remain calm and use good hygiene. 

In his evening address, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced additional coronavirus cases in the state, bringing the state total to 163. One of the new confirmed cases is in Warren County.

However, Beshear didn’t confirm any additional Kentucky deaths.

“We know more of that is coming,” he said. “We do have to be prepared for it. And this is why we are taking the steps we are taking.”

One of the new cases was an individual who attended a "coronavirus party." Beshear said as the person who tells people to remain calm, he had to tell himself to stay calm with this. He said the person may have thought they were invincible.

"It's someone else's loved one they are going to hurt," Beshear said.

Additionally, Beshear announced the closure of all “non-life sustaining businesses” to in-person traffic by 8 p.m. on Thursday. He noted this will not include groceries, drug stores and pharmacies, among other businesses.

As the number of cases increases, Beshear noted the importance of “flattening the curve,” explaining this also entails healthcare facilities to be equipped with enough resources and beds for patients.

“As we know our cases are going to increase everyday, and we know that they’re going to increase everyday,” Beshear said.

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