On Sunday night when I had a column and a paper about Emily Dickinson to write, my only attempts at crafting sentences came in the form of two Facebook status updates.

I am what my 81-year-old grandfather would call a wild chicken. I like to be on the go all the time, with the exception of the occasional 20-minute power nap to help me recharge.

I have a knack for leaving things behind: my debit card in an ATM, my car keys at Waffle House, a cell phone somewhere in the city of Louisville. So, when I heard that September was National Preparedness Month, I thought maybe it was a month-long celebration of getting prepared designed for people who, like me, should consult a check-list before leaving their homes.

I am the queen of many things, two of which are procrastination and Facebook creeping. So, as I watched my to-do list extend to a nearly unmanageable length last week, I decided to denounce my Facebook throne for a few days in an effort to kick my procrastination habit.

I met him when I was 16, and we've been together since. On the surface, he seems great. He's taken me on countless dinners, trips to Austin, Chicago and a vacation in Florida, and he even supports my affinity for buying clothing and accessories. But at 21, I realized that he is an enabler, and our relationship is slowly but surely depleting my bank account.

He, in this case, is my debit card, and while we're not breaking up, I do think it's time we take a break.

I'm one week into the semester, and I've already used 14 of the 75 meals on my commuter meal plan and spent upwards of $75 between Taco Bell, Japanese restaurants and my other off-campus dining haunts. At this rate, I'll be all out of meal plans by the end of September, and my bank account w…

If you've never been afraid to check the balance on your bank account, navigated Walmart aisles in what seems like a hopeless search for a particular food item or poured some thought into how your next paycheck corresponds with your next rent check's due date, this column might not be for you.