Grounds Crews organize to collect trash on the hill in front of Van Meter Hall on Feb. 19, 2021. Large groups of students gathered at Van Meter this week to partake in sledding and other activities during their snow days.

Many WKU students spent their snow days sledding down the various hills on campus. Trash and debris is being revealed now that the snow is melting and the Facilities Management Grounds Crew is working to clean it up. 

Brett Shane, who has been working for campus services for 15 years, said this isn’t the first time he’s seen campus like this. 

“Back in 2016, we had substantial snow and it was just as bad,” Shane said. “I think there was less plastic though. Other than that, it’s always a mess. But the kids had fun.”

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Numerous alcohol containers were found around the site alongside plastic drink bottles and other non-decomposable items,

Shane stated that he was most shocked by how much alcohol was consumed and left on the ground throughout the week. 

Laundry baskets, Healthy on the Hill signs, broken tables and more were scattered all across the top of Van Meter. Shane stated that Park Street Lot was even worse, with empty cans of alcohol spread all across the parking lot. 

Tanner Knutson, who has been working with the grounds crew for a year and a half, said that he wishes students would be more mindful of picking up after themselves. 

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Cardboard, laundry baskets, signs, and folding tables were just some of the many makeshift sleds used by students over the week. A plastic kids pool was also found among the debris.

“I’m all for coming out here and playing for the snow, but when you’re done, try to pick it up or at least pile it up for us,” Knutson said. “Don’t just leave it scattered throughout three acres of land.” 

Highs are expected to reach the 50s next week, so the melting snow should continue to reveal the remnants of an eventful week on campus. 

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