President Donald Trump's visit to Louisville on Wednesday initiated protests and heated debates across the downtown area. 

Trump was in the city to speak at an AMVETS convention and to attend a fundraiser for Gov. Matt Bevin's re-election campaign. The visit, which lasted about four hours, created questions ahead of Kentucky's upcoming gubernatorial election. 

Protests outside of the Galt House, where the AMVETS convention was held, included anti-Trump chants but also calls to "ditch" Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Bevin. Louisville residents said they were protesting for different reasons, but all had concerns about how Trump's policies were impacting Kentuckians. 

Among the protesters were several Trump supporters who said they were mainly there in hopes of seeing the president. 

Rebekah Alvey is the Editor in Chief of the College Heights Herald. She's previously worked as the digital managing editor, news editor and news reporter. Over the summers, she has interned with Lexington Herald-Leader and Insider Louisville.