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Jackson French

Jackson French is a senior journalism major with a passion for film. Throughout his years at WKU, French has been a writing asset to students in the film department. Whether it's behind-the-scenes work or script-writing, he's had a hand in WKU's movie production for years. Now he's taking his interest one step further to write film reviews for the College Heights Herald. Keep a close eye on Now Playing to know what to see and when to see it.

As dumb as it looks at first glance, “Unfriended” deserves your respect. This surprisingly clever low-budget horror movie’s unique presentation is bizarrely captivating, and the story it tells is poignant and unnerving.

The latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation, “The Longest Ride,” gives us not one, but two unendurable romances. In the true Sparks fashion, both of these connected stories are schmaltzy to the extreme and as predictable as the sunrise.

The absurdity of the “Fast and Furious” movies continues to skyrocket. In an attempt to out-do all six of the series’ previous films, “Furious 7” unleashes an invigorating flurry of over-the-top action that is an absolute joy to behold.

Though armed with a dumb premise, the movie “Get Hard” proves to be a decent comedy. Frequently tasteless but with surprisingly profound social commentary, Will Ferrell’s latest offering is more worthwhile than it looks.  

Although it’s an improvement over its predecessor in nearly every way, “Insurgent” is still a watered-down, young adult approach to dystopian fiction that brings no new ideas to the table. Much more tense and engaging than “Divergent”, this movie is still just a “Hunger Games” wannabe.  

‘‘Run All Night’’ immediately feels familiar. It’s another Liam Neeson-driven action movie in the vein of ‘Taken.’’ While there’s little novelty in ‘‘Run All Night,’’ Neeson’s latest excursion is a satisfying showcase of gritty action.

In the film, “Focus,” deception runs rampant, with con artists and thieves constantly trying to pull fast ones on each other. Appropriately, the movie tries to do the same to the audience, hoping that throwing enough glitz and plot twists around will distract from the abundant weaknesses.

“Jupiter Ascending,” a film directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski, has the fixings of a great video game: over-the-top action, amazing sci-fi technologies and striking visuals abound. As a movie, however, it’s a failure in almost every regard.

“American Sniper” is an enthralling portrait of the most lethal sniper in U.S. history. The movie shows the toll warfare has on the individual both on the battlefield and back at home. Unfortunately, director Clint Eastwood dampens the film’s effectiveness with its overt glorification of the…