Being in the middle of my last semester, I’m capable of looking back on my years in college and recognizing all the mistakes I’ve made. From transferring twice, which means I’ve attended three schools in three cities, to never utilizing the library to its full potential, I’ve made a range of…


When you live on campus, issues are sure to arise. Whether it’s a roommate conflict, broken furniture or a toilet with water that won’t stop rising, the transition to independence can be difficult. Luckily, on-campus residents have someone to make this transition go smoothly: their resident …

I’ve never quite understood the idiom “home is where the heart is.” At face value, it simply means that wherever you experience love and happiness is where your physical or metaphorical home is.

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Documenting Hate

We’re partnering with the investigative reporting non-profit ProPublica as part of their Documenting Hate project to document instances of hate crimes and bias-related incidents on WKU’s campus and in the Bowling Green community. Please help us shine a light on crimes like these and help us tell your story. Your voice is so important, please don’t be afraid to share it.