Students enjoy a snowy “spring break in a sense” due to class cancellations

Students have been enjoying a week off class due to cancellations after heavy snowfall Sunday and Monday night.

Hundreds of students took the snowy weather as an opportunity to sled. Freshman Andrew Blanford has been enjoying the social aspect of the weather. 

“I’ve just been hanging out with friends, going sledding, and making the most of my time off,” Blanford said.

Others, however, took some time to themselves. Senior Madison Correll has been enjoying some time away. 

“I’ve been taking a lot of time to myself and trying to stay warm,” Correll said. 

While students have taken advantage of the weather, many have had their class work affected. Many students have had tests, quizzes, and assignments pushed back due to the sudden time off. 

“I’m caught up with all my classes now, so I’m kind of glad for the snow days,” freshman Michelle Ayala said. “But other than that, I kind of wish we had classes again, just to have something to do.” 

Students also are missing the usual selection of restaurants on campus. 

“I wouldn’t mind classes [being cancelled], but I want Starbucks and all of the other food places to open up,” freshman Kamryn Arnold said. 

After a recent update from the university, students now have remote classes only through Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Freshman Grace Tweedy is thankful for the time away from in-person classes.

“I’m excited to get a spring break in a sense. Most of my professors are being understanding, and I’m actually getting a chance to enjoy this time,” Tweedy said. 

Other students, like freshman Sebastian Tingle, wish that the announcement was different. 

“While I enjoy the snow and the break, a lot of my exams and classes need to be in person for me to really learn anything, so I feel like I’ve lost two weeks of classes,” Tingle said. 

More snowfall, and potentially ice, is expected to hit Bowling Green on Thursday. The city could see anywhere from 1-3 additional inches of snow.

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