Programs to look out for from the SGA this semester


Jacob Latimer

The Student Government Association had to adapt to a new medium of meeting after the COVID-19 pandemic began in March. The sudden change made it more difficult to connect with students and pass legislation.

“I know 2020 was different to say the least, but I am hopeful that it has provided many of us in SGA the motivation to address the problems facing students on campus,” said Legislative Research Chair Dawson McCoun.

SGA’s officers and senators are already planning legislation for the coming months despite COVID- 19-related difficulties.

McCoun said it has been an honor to help the senators work on legislation, and he looks forward to passing bills in the coming months.

Diversity and Inclusion Chair Fatin Yaro hopes to “have some uncomfortable conversations pertaining to diversity, equity and inclusion on our campus.”

Yaro and his committee plan to hold a large event regarding diversity on Feb. 24. They’ll also introduce legislation that will implement specific consequences to student organizations for discrimination within the organization.

SGA’s Chief of Staff Matt Barr is planning to continue work on the “Go with the Flow” program, which will put vending machines with free menstrual products on campus.

SGA plans to begin meeting in person again during the semester. Senators will be socially distanced and masked during meetings, but they are looking forward to safely meeting in person again.

“Like [WKU] President [Timothy] Caboni mentioned at the beginning of the semester — while the vaccine is here, that’s not a reason for us to become complacent,” Barr said.

Student Body President Garrett Edmonds has already set specific goals for the coming semester.

“We will continue to push our scholarship, voucher, and Earn A Computer Program this semester,” Edmonds said in a text. “We want to ensure that students have the proper assistance to succeed this semester.”

Committees are currently working on getting legislation ready to be presented to the floor and will meet in person Tuesday.

“As the student body president, I hope students continue to persevere through this semester,” Edmonds said. “I want students to know that we are a resource for them, and our doors are always open.”

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