Christopher Ware, TopperTech consultant and Technology Officer, dies at age 38

Christopher Ware via WKU Website

The WKU community unexpectedly lost one of its own, Christopher Ware, on Dec. 17.

Christopher, a TopperTech consultant and Technology Officer in the Staff Senate, died at the age of 38.

Christopher’s wife, Ashley Ware, considered Christopher to be her “best friend” and “soul mate.”

“We literally grew together and he taught me so much,” Ashley said in an email. “He encouraged me and prayed for me and with me. Chris believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.”

Ashley was inspired by the way her husband treated their children.

“I would sit back and admire their interactions,” Ashley said. “He always told them that they had to get more degrees than he did. Of course they always tried to reason and bargain with him. Those conversations were always funny.”

Ashley said that Christopher’s humility and faith in God were noticeable qualities in his character.

“Chris is my husband and my hero,” Ashley said. 

He is survived by his wife, Ashley Ware; children, Christopher Ware Jr., Carter Ware, Kori Ware and Cristen Ware; parents, Emily and Timothy Ware Travis and Buster Morrison Jr.; brothers, Timothy Travis Jr. and Attikus Piper; four uncles; five aunts; three great-aunts; four great-uncles; and mother-in-law, Verna Prince.

Lori Douglas, the senior director for WKU’s Technical Support Services, organized an online fundraiser on behalf of the Ware family. As of Jan. 13, $13,733 has been raised on the site. 

Those interested in making a donation can find the fundraiser here

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