Students encouraged to self isolate prior to spring semester

David Oliver helped Chris Willis move out of his temporary quarantine dorm room in Barnes Campbell Hall, back to his original dorm in Rhodes Harlin Hall, on Friday, Oct. 2, 2020.

Nick Kieser

WKU and Healthy on the Hill have put together guidelines to bring students back for the 2021 spring semester beginning on Jan. 19. 

Director of Environmental Health & Safety Emergency Manager David Oliver posted a letter to the Healthy on the Hill website Tuesday for students to read over and follow

“We’re in the process of updating our website with all of the guidelines for students and faculty to follow,” Oliver said. 

Oliver says students are encouraged to practice self-isolation for at least 10 days prior to returning to campus. 

“Isolate themselves from risky situations,” Oliver said. “We know students have to travel and buy things to return to campus.” 

The on-campus residence halls reopen on Jan. 15, 10 days from Jan. 5, which gives students time to be cleared of COVID-19 exposure. 

However, students have not received an email regarding this information before the resumption of classes nears in two weeks. Oliver said the message was supposed to have been received by students.

Students can find all of the latest information relevant to practicing Healthy on the Hill guidelines here

This spring semester there will also be no spring break. According to Healthy on the Hill, March 8-12 will be used as instructional days for students. 

The spring semester will end one week prior than originally planned and on April 26-30 with final exams that week. The full spring semester calendar can be found here.

“We’re not looking to restrict students from necessary things, we’d just not like students to be in large public areas,” Oliver said.

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