Kentucky governor calls those rioting in capitol to ‘stop the use of hatred’

Beshear Jan. 6

Drew Toennies

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear called for those rioting at the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C Wednesday to “stop the silliness, stop the anger, stop the use of hatred.”
“Domestic terrorists have stormed and infiltrated our U.S. Capitol Building,” Beshear said in his opening statement. “When you try to use force, intimidation to get what you want. Yes, you are acting as a domestic terrorist.”
Beshear continued his statement by talking about how the bullying that is going on in the country due to election results is unacceptable.
“Today, there cannot be democrats and republicans. There can only be Americans and all of us must condemn this,”
“…If you’ve been standing with and riling up militia members across this
commonwealth or this country, shame on you,” Beshear said. “There is blame there for you.”
Beshear continued his statement by communicating his belief that the country is
better than this and that the people of America are better than this.
“We can not have our leaders, any leader, out there, saying its okay to attack
America, because this is a direct attack on America,” Beshear said. “And today’s the day we gotta commit to be better. To be better.”
“This country is counting on us,” he said. “If you believe in America, what you’re seeing in Washington D.C. cannot be acceptable.”
Beshear closed out his short statement by encouraging people to condemn the
violence in Washington D.C.
“So, come on everybody, show this country and show this world, you do not agree with what’s happening,” Beshear said.