City Commission candidate Rick Williams on college-relevant issues

Photo submitted by Rick Williams

Lily Burris

City Commissioner Rick Williams is seeking reelection for his fifth term.

Williams is a salesperson for Jim-Johnson Nissan, and he attended Bowling Green public schools and WKU, according to the City Commission website.

Fairness Ordinance

Williams does not support the Fairness Ordinance and believes it is “an unnecessary piece of legislation,” according to a recent interview with WBKO.

“The Supreme Court has already addressed the issues that are in there, and Kentucky’s a right to work state, so it wouldn’t make any difference,” Williams said in the interview. “We need to stop having more and more special groups.”

Black Lives Matter

In a different interview with WBKO, Williams said Bowling Green has room for improvement on racial inequality and systemic racism.

Williams also said he doesn’t believe there is a need for improvement in the Bowling Green Police Department and cited the recent step of promoting body camera use.

Affordable Housing

Williams said in a WBKO interview that he wants the City Commission to do whatever they can to continue to help improve the affordable housing situation.

“Builders and developers continue to build apartments in our community,” Williams said in the interview. “And a lot of people, you know, maybe even take the approach that we got too many apartments, but when they are rented as soon as they’re built, you know, that’s not telling me that we’ve reached that tipping point yet. So we want to continue to do try to generate more housing units, and to make them as affordable as we can with the resources that we have available to do that.”

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