McGrath concedes after McConnell wins senate race in Kentucky

Democratic congressional candidate Amy McGrath speaks on Western Kentucky University’s campus on September 12, 2020. McGrath is running against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Drew Toennies

Former Marine Corps pilot and Democratic candidate Amy McGrath fell short in the Kentucky senate race Tuesday night to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

At 7:06 p.m., the Associated Press tweeted out the results of the race in favor of the Republican senator.

The final numbers showed McGrath’s loss with only 37.8% of the votes, whereas McConnell won 58.2% of the vote.

Shortly after McConnell was declared the winner, McGrath released a short statement via Twitter addressing the election results.

McGrath started her statement by thanking the Kentuckians who stood beside her in the battle for Kentucky’s senate seat.

“It was a hard-fought race,” McGrath said. “The race was never about Amy McGrath or Mitch McConnell. It was about Kentuckians.”

She recognized her loss along with the amount of support she received from Kentucky citizens.

“Although we didn’t get the result we wanted, the energy and optimism I saw in every corner of the state gives me so much hope for the future of our great commonwealth.”

McGrath also talked about how she was proud to contribute to helping the democratic party retake the house.

“I encourage you all to stay engaged and look out for each other,” McGrath said. “Hope over fear, country over party, people over politics, U.S. over BS.”

McConnell’s win over McGrath will be the senate majority leader’s seventh term as a representative of Kentucky.

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