Students learn more about opportunities in Potter College at annual fall festival

Potter College of Arts and Letters hosted the Potter College Fall Festival on Wednesday, Nov. 4, at the Colonnade on WKU’s campus. Visitors to the festival could pick up art from students in PCAL programs, watch ceramics students craft uses on pottery wheels and even have a pattern crafted out of molten aluminum.

Michael Dylan Payne

Potter College of Arts and Letters hosted its annual fall event Wednesday titled “PCAL Pocus Fall Festival.”

It was originally scheduled for Oct. 28 but was rescheduled due to inclement weather.

The event featured tables from the 10 schools that make up Potter College. Along with booths, the festival featured a scavenger hunt hosted by the History Department, dance demonstrations in front of Cherry Hall, and an aluminum casting demonstration in front of the Fine Arts Center where students were able to make their own mold.

Carolyn Brueggemann, a member of the Dean’s Council of Students and sophomore majoring in Chinese, Spanish and international affairs, said events like these are a great way for people to explore majors, meet new people and see other departments.

“They’ve done it really well,” Brueggemann said. “They’ve got everything socially distanced, so I’m glad people are able to get out and have an event and stay safe at the same time.”

The event is mainly about having fun and promoting Potter College, Brueggemann said.

Jordan Mansfield, a senior anthropology major, was manning her table to tell people what anthropology is actually about.

“We have people that utilize anthropology that aren’t necessarily anthropologists,” Mansfield said. “Jane Goodall is a ‘primatologist,’ but she’s known in anthropology for her work with primates and using that to understand people.”

Mansfield said there’s a lot in the modern world that is affected by anthropology and its important field to study.

“We like to give people the opportunity to come and learn about what anthropology is,” Mansfield said. “(Anthropologists) are not here to determine who is and isn’t valid, we are here to understand any aspect of any life.”

The event’s festivities will conclude with a virtual talent show where participants from each department will compete against each other in one of the several event categories. The winners will be awarded the College Cup Champion Department trophy.

Tonight’s talent show is set to be screened tonight at 6 p.m.

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