Students test reactions in BGPD simulator training

Davon Taylor participates in the Arrest the Fear simulator which places volunteers into various scenarios that a police officer might find themselves in.

Debra Murray

Bowling Green Police Department hosted an event Wednesday that allowed students to use simulation training to put themselves in situations as a police officer.

The event was a part of the Arrest the Fear series put on by the BGPD and ISEC in order to bring about more transparency and teach students more about the workings of the police department.

The training room is used to measure the tactical, decision-making and communication skills of an officer. There were handguns and tasers that were converted with lasers to be used for training. Students were able to be put in various situations and see how they would react. They then had to justify their decisions like police officers must do in training.

Asia Brown, a senior from Louisville majoring in interdisciplinary studies, explained that it can be difficult to know how you’ll react in these situations.

“I learned being in that position as a police officer the quick reaction you have to make in different scenarios,” Brown said. “I was trying to think about it for a second, but it’s just like once it happens or someone pulls a weapon, it’s hard to stop and think. You just have to react. It made me understand why police officers react the way they do.”

Chief Micheal Delaney of the BGPD shared the purpose of holding events like the Arrest the Fear series.

“If you have some fear and anxiety dealing with the police, I hope we can arrest them today,” Delaney said. “Hopefully we build some bridges, and gain some respect for each other.”

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