Kentucky Universities’ records on COVID-19

Illustration by Alex Cox

Michael J Collins

Colleges across the state had to quickly adapt to the changing circumstances surrounding the dangers of COVID-19. Most Kentucky colleges and universities were forced to transition to alternative instruction during last spring semester and continue to offer opportunities for online or hybrid learning this semester.

In order to keep their communities up-to-date, many colleges have developed dashboards to display COVID-19 statistics in their respective regions. These statistics are usually tracked through both universities and local health departments. In the case of NKU’s dashboard, the total number of positive cases is not provided.

Additional policies, such as changes to academic calendars, were gathered through university websites or by contacting officials within the respective universities. Similar to WKU’s “Restart Plan,” many universities have outlines of their overall approach for the semester that explain how operations have changed amid the crisis.

Each college has its own set of challenges in dealing with this crisis, de- pending on their enrollment size, campus-style and location. Here is a breakdown of the methods colleges have used to ensure students can safely return to campus.

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