On-campus Chick-fil-A to reopen Friday after closing for COVID concerns

The WKU Restaurant Group announced on Sept. 2 that the Chick Fil A on campus would be temporarily closed.

Easton Reynolds

Chick-fil-A will reopen this Friday, Sept. 4, after closing following an employee’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

Nena Shomler, Director of Marketing for the WKU Restaurant Group, said in an email that the on-campus Chick-fil-A will be undergoing a “deep clean” of potential areas where the positive employee may have been in contact before reopening.

If other restaurants on campus were to experience an employee to test positive, Shomler said those restaurants would enact the same protocol.

Shomler said employees across all 23 restaurants on campus are not required to be tested. Instead, enhanced safety measures such as mandatory handwashing every 15 minutes, daily temperature checks, plexiglass between customers and employees, and facial coverings have been implemented to limit potential spread.

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