Nine songs to listen to when the world is changing

Chaotic world playlist

This year, everything is constantly changing and it often feels like the world is ending. So, to reflect that feeling of constant uncertainty, we curated a playlist to listen to when you really need musical solidarity.

Wasteland Baby (Hozier)

There were so many Hozier songs that fit the mood of this playlist, but I think this song is a good reminder that love is still there even in the chaos of the world.

Skyfall (Adele)

Listening to the powerful vocals of Adele in this song, I felt a little more in control. I don’t know whether it was her amazing belt or the actual lyrics, but either way, I left this song feeling way better than when I clicked play.

Panic Room (Au/Ra)

If you’re feeling anxious about the current state of the world, listening to this song in the shower and scream-singing along to the lyrics is a really good way to get those emotions out. Not that I’m speaking from experience.

Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)

With everything going on right now, this is the perfect song to zone out to and reflect on the train wreck that is 2020.

1999 (Prince)

Prince depicts the end of days in this one. He sings about partying in the midst of war and destruction. For those of us who are trying our best to get through these strange times, the lyrics can resonate.

It’s the End of the World as we Know it (and I feel fine) (R.E.M)

This song is an absolute classic and it pretty much sums up how things are going right now. We’ve been going through this pandemic for about six months now, so most of us have probably adjusted to this new normal.

 If the World Was ending (J.P. Sax and Julia Michaels)

These two powerful vocalists croon over a slow beat that is easy to get lost in. The song is a little more melancholy, but it’s perfect if you’re thinking about a certain someone during this time. 

Five Years (David Bowie)

Bowie sings about learning that the world will be ending in five years in this 1972 song. Obviously, the world didn’t end back then, but it feels like it might be now. The irony. 

Fourth of July – Soundgarden

This grunge tune depicts an explosive end of the world. The lyrics paint a picture of bright lights, fires and explosions in the air and relate the sight to something you would see on July 4th.

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