‘Springhouse’: WKU student released EP in July

In July, WKU sophomore music major Lorena Silva had an EP release on Spotify. Silva came to WKU from Nashville, Tennessee, but is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Jacob Latimer

Talent runs rampant throughout WKU’s campus, and sophomore Lorena Silva is no exception.

Silva, a music major originally from São Paulo, Brazil, recently released her first project: “Springhouse.” The EP was recorded at Top Track Studios in Nashville and released on all major streaming platforms on July 26.

Growing up, Silva’s parents were both musicians which led her to learn- ing guitar at the age of 6. She continued to follow her passion for music throughout high school and now in college, where she strives to get involved in anything music-related on campus.

Silva stated her main musical inspirations as Tori Kelly and Louis Tomlinson. She admires how much Kelly and Tomlinson have gone through in their personal lives and careers and looks up to them as artists.

“[Kelly] is so true to herself even in the industry that she’s in, and she shares the same faith as I do,” Silva said. “She does what she wants to do instead of listening to the pressure of the music industry.”

Silva stated that the writing process of “Springhouse” was scattered throughout a year and it took around a month of studio time to get the EP mixed and mastered. The songs were written between a span of last year and just a couple of months before the EP’s release.

There’s no denying that Silva has a passion for music. She was born into it and has continued to grow her passion for it throughout the years.

Top Track Studios echoes the sentiment of Silva’s talent, naming her a talented songwriter and an amazing young artist.

“We are honored to be a part of this important moment in your promising career,” Top Track Studios stated on its Facebook page.

Silva’s plans for the future include putting a face to her music by producing a music video and improving her budget to up her production value for future projects.

“With my major, I’m just taking it one day at a time and seeing where it takes me,” Silva said.

Silva’s music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube under the name “Lorena Silva.”

“I think [making music] is a really good way to express myself,” Silva said. “I’m not the best with words and being vulnerable … so if I put it in a song,
it gives me more freedom to express

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