WKU Bid Day Continues Despite Pandemic

Macey Montgomery, member of Sigma Kappa, hugs her sorority sister, Mallory Jent, close on Bid Day at Sigma Kappa on Tuesday, Aug.18, 2020 in Bowling Green, KY. This was their first in-person meeting since school disbanded earlier this year in March.

Gabi Broekema

Energetic cheers and synchronized clapping are common to Bid Day, a Greek life event where pledges receive their invitation to join a sorority. The COVID-19 didn’t deter pledges from visiting  their sorority of choice. Sororities under WKU Greek Life participated in an in-person Bid Day on August 18th, 2020, with some slight alterations to accommodate for COVID-19. Some precautions were taken to prevent the spread of the disease, like taking the temperature of attendees and requiring everyone to wear masks on the premises of the houses. There were parades of cars jam-packed with sorority members hanging out windows, cheering to their sisters, as they slowly drive by, and girls running to their fellow sisters tackling them in hugs