Beshear announces 1 death and 50 new cases in Warren County, phase one of the #HealthyAtWork plan for reopening businesses

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Katelyn Latture

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced 184 new coronavirus cases in Kentucky today, 50 of which were in Warren County, bringing the total cases in Kentucky to 4,539.

Additionally, Beshear laid out the first phase of the “#HealthyAtWork” plan to reopen businesses. Businesses in the first phase will be able to open on certain conditions on the following days:

May 11:

  1. Manufacturing

  2. Construction

  3. Vehicle or vessel dealerships

  4. Professional services

  5. Horse racing (without fans/audiences present)

  6. Dog grooming and boarding

May 20:

These will both be opened to limited occupancy. Specific guidelines will be discussed later.

  1. Retail

  2. Houses of worship

May 25:

Beshear said these will be allowed “provided the virus is at where we think it will be at.” 

  1. Ten-person social gatherings

  2. Barbers, salons, cosmetology services and similar businesses

Beshear did not announce the businesses and services that will be included in the second phase, but he said he hopes gyms, youth camps, movie theaters and some youth sports will be part of phase two. He also said summer camps will likely not be allowed but did not give official jurisdiction. Beshear said daycares will not be included in phase one, and public pools will not be in either the first or the second phase of reopenings. 

“They’re suppose to be different,” Beshear said of the #HealthyAtWork rules. “They’re not the normal rules that you would operate a business under because we’re trying to operate it in the midst of a worldwide health pandemic.”

In order to re-open, businesses must follow these requirements:

  1. Continue telework where possible

  2. Phased return to work

  3. Onsite temperature/health checks

  4. Universal masks and any other necessary PPE

  5. Close common areas

  6. Enforce social distancing

  7. Limit face-to-face meetings

  8. Sanitizer/hand washing stations

  9. Special accomodations

  10. Testing plan

Beshear also reported the death of 10 Kentuckians today: a 56-year-old male from Warren, a 94-year-old female from Hopkins, a 94-year-old male from Jackson, a 101-year-old female and 96-year-old male from Grayson and a 58-year-old male, 94-year-old male, an 84-year-old male, a 66-year-old female and a 72-year-old male from Jefferson counties. 

In addition to the continued testing sites at Kroger stores in Lexington, Louisville and Bowling Green, Beshear said a new testing site will be opening in Ashland next Tuesday, May 5.

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