8 social distancing friendly date ideas

Julianna Lowe

Social distancing guidelines advise that people stay home as much as they can, 6 feet apart from other people. Being in a relationship during this time of distance can be hard, but there are ways for significant others to connect and keep their relationship alive.

1. Draw each other

Tap into your artistic abilities and sketch or paint each other over Zoom. They might look grainy, but it’ll do.

2. Tell ghost stories

For a late night date, cozy up behind the camera and share ghost stories that’ll expose your deepest, darkest fears.

3. Read a new book

Try reading your favorite book to your partner over Zoom. If they hate your favorite book, try reading a book together and discussing your thoughts chapter by chapter. 

4. Binge a new show

Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO and Apple TV+, there are a million and 1 shows for your significant other and you to binge. You can even watch them while on Zoom and share your thoughts as you watch. 

5. Morning coffee together

Coffee shops are not allowing for in-person traffic right now, but your significant other and you can still set a time to meet on Zoom and enjoy your morning coffee together. 

6. Cook dinner

In place of going out to dinner, your significant other and you can try a new recipe together. Make it challenging by deciding whose tastes better.

7, Couples yoga

Traditional couples yoga is impossible while practicing social distancing, but as a couple, you can do the same yoga poses together over Zoom. 

8. Study together

After the move to online classes, there is a lot of time put aside for school. Spend some of that time getting your significant other ready for their upcoming test or quiz. 

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