4 apps every college student should have

Taylor Metcalf

College can be stressful. With deadlines, homework and juggling a social life, it can become overwhelming really quickly. Thankfully, you don’t have to make this journey alone: you’ve got your phone.

Here are four apps that could make your semester even a little bit easier.

1. StudentBeans

This app scores you discounts both in-store and online. The categories include food, health and beauty, entertainment and much more. All you have to do is verify your school email on the app and start saving. Why pay full price when you could save at least 10 percent?

2. Forest: Stay Focused

This cute little app allows you to avoid distraction and plant trees while you do. Set the timer for how long you want to stay focused and choose which apps you want to be temporarily disabled. Your chances of being disturbed are minimized and you get to contribute to planting real trees.

3. Lo-Fi Radio

Sometimes studying can be difficult with slamming doors, loud voices and a randomized playlist. Lo-Fi Radio offers smooth tracks that can help soothe your mind and increase your focus. If soft music helps you wind down and relax while you work, this app is definitely worth the download.

4. Tip Yourself

This app isn’t for making money, but instead for working toward goals. “Tip yourself” allows you to transfer money from your checking account into your ‘tip jar’ on the app. This money is saved toward your smaller goals that you want to achieve in a few months time. The idea is that whenever you do something important for yourself, or just feel good about yourself in general, you can tip yourself and make your goals a reality. 

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