Staff Picks: Dream Vacation Spots

Features Staff

College students love to dream big when it comes to travel, but often times do not have the money or resources to carry out those dreams. We, too, are guilty of that. If we could drop everything and travel somewhere right now, here is where we’d go.

Julie: My dream vacation would be a trip across Greece. I’d love to see the beauty of the Greek islands and Santorini, dive into the history in Athens, and geek out seeing the places that so many wonderful stories took place like Crete and Delphi. 

Julianna: I have always dreamed of going to New York City at Christmas time. I just have to see the tree in Times Square with snow all around me. 

Taylor: Yeehaw, my dream vacation! I think mine would be either traveling the country in a decked out van or spending a few weeks in the Italian countryside! 

Liza: My dream vacation destination would be the Netherlands to see the Tulip Fields, Anne Frank’s home, and the Red Light District in Amsterdam. 

Kelley: My dream vacation is definitely to go out of the country. I’ve never traveled outside of the country and I’m interested in seeing Europe in particular. I would love to explore places like London, France and Italy as well as visit the islands of Greece! It looks so beautiful. 

Olivia: My dream vacation is to stay in the Cinderella’s castle suite and have an all-inclusive paid trip to all of the Disney parks! 

Maggie: My dream vacation would definitely be a trip through Western Europe with people I love. Places like Germany, Austria, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain and more! Not only are there incredible sights to see but there is deep and rich history in each of those countries. So many museums to go to and ancient sites to tour! I love vacations where you do things and get to learn (with a little relaxation along the way) so I think going from country to country and staying busy would definitely be how I would use up my ticket for a dream vacation. Also, THE FOOD, which I’m already salivating over just thinking about. 

Katelyn: I have a lot of dream vacations, but I think my biggest one is to visit all the national parks in the U.S. I really want to hike and camp in Yosemite!

Gabby: I would like to go to Koh Yao Noi, Thailand. It seems very peaceful and beautiful. It would be the perfect getaway from America. 

Ellie: For some reason recently, I’ve just been really wanting to go to Peru. I love history, so getting to see Machu Picchu and learning about the culture there seems like a dream! Peru is on the coast, meaning I could spend some time at the beach as well. It’s the best of both worlds!