5 ways to keep yourself occupied on a road trip


Olivia Marshall

One of the worst parts of going on vacation is the time spent actually getting to your destination. Chances are you’re spending a good chunk of time in the car thinking the age-old thought, “are we there yet?”

To help you curve your boredom, here are five tips to help you stay occupied while on a road trip. 

  1. Listen to a podcast

Thanks to the recent popularity of podcasts there are more podcasts than ever to choose from. With genres like true crime, comedy, sports and news, there’s something everyone can enjoy. Another positive is that if you’re driving alone, you can pretend that the people on the podcast are in the car with you!

  1. Download an audiobook

Here’s your chance to read, or rather be read to, that book you’ve been eyeing for a while now. Besides hearing a great plot, the narration can be entertaining in and of itself. Sites like Audible or your local library are great places to find some audiobooks.

  1. Create a playlist of some throwback songs

Nostalgia is in! Hop on the bandwagon and create a playlist with some of your favorite songs from your childhood. There’s nothing more fun than belting out Natasha Bedingfield’s “Pocket Full of Sunshine” in a car by yourself or with your friends.

  1. Find out some fun facts about the towns you’re passing by

This is such a fun thing to do if you aren’t the driver! When passing by a town with a funny or unusual name, google it and see what the history behind it is. Sometimes towns that have notable festivals or events will have the name underneath the town name on the welcome sign. Looking up what the festival or event is about could be interesting to see local traditions and culture.

  1. Playing some classic road trip games

There’s a reason that they’re called classics! Games like ‘I Spy,’ ‘the License Plate Game,’ ‘21 Questions,’ ‘the Movie Game,’ or ‘the Alphabet Game’ are great ways to pass the time and keep everyone engaged.  

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