Features Staff: Our first jobs

Herald Features Staff

Katelyn: My first job was working as a lifeguard and teacher’s aid at a daycare the summer after I graduated high school. It was actually the same summer daycare I went to when I was in elementary school. Funny how the pool and playgrounds seemed so much bigger when I was little!

Julianna: My first job was at the Kroger in my hometown. I got paid minimum wage and learned a lot about customer service. Now I’m never mean to the people in retail. 

Kelley: My first job was actually at the Herald. Working at the Herald has allowed me to meet new people with similar interests and has helped me develop strengths within my writing and as a journalist. 

Olivia: I worked at the local ice cream chain in my hometown and it was awful. The amount of people who want ice cream in the winter is triple the amount you’d think. 

Liza: My first job was at a pet store in my hometown. We had a HUGE rat problem, and I was required to clean all the animal cages and pick up after the dogs who went to the bathroom in the store. I made eight dollars an hour. It definitely wasn’t the best job in the world, but I made friends with a cute tree frog. That made it bearable! 

Gabby: My first job was at KFC. I was in charge of the buffet. It was terrible because it was mainly old people and very large families who would get the buffet all day. They would take all the chicken legs and then get mad when there were no more until the next batch. Other than that it was pretty easy. 

Taylor: My first job was technically working in the office at my dad’s work, Murakami Manufacturing. I did filing, fixing totes, building carts and a bunch of random stuff. I wasn’t old enough to work on the factory floor, so I just made a LOT of noise around the office. 

Julie: My first job was the typical one: babysitting. I babysat some kids in my neighborhood and then my first nanny job was the summer between sixth and seventh grade. It was weird though, because I was taking care of three girls, the oldest of whom was only a year and a half younger than me. Just in case you were wondering, a 13-year-old is absolutely NOT equipped to take care of three kids. 

Ellie: My first job was working at a discount movie theater in Louisville my junior year of high school. It was extremely outdated, with walls that were purple and chrome and a carpet with movie reels and popcorn on it, but I loved it. I met some of my best friends there and still go back to visit all the time. The perks rocked because I got to see free movies with free snacks! I’m a little sick of popcorn now though.