Staff Picks: Our non-traditional love languages

Features Staff


Love languages are a popular phenomenon in our generation. They can let others know the best way to love you. Some people like being touched while others like receiving gifts. It all just depends on the person. We came up with some unconventional love languages; things that tell us that people know how to love us. 

Taylor: My love language is being able to be with someone I love and not have to talk to them. Just enjoying the intimacy of being together. We can be on Tik Tok or something, just doing something separate. 

Julianna: My love language is constant physical and emotional attention. I need to be touched at all times. And also please never leave me alone by myself. 

Olivia: My love language is baby yoda. Baby yoda just represents how I feel and personally am. I also feel like a fifty year old in a tiny child’s body, wanting just to sip some warm tea. 

Kelley: My love language is nap time. 

Gabby: My love language is to just not talk to me in public. I hate when people interrupt me when I have my AirPods in so just let me do my own thing. 

Katelyn: My love language is when people respond to the GroupMe messages. I organize all these things and I need people to respond to me. 

Julie: My love language is supporting the extracurriculars I’m part of. I’m heavily involved on campus and when someone supports me, whether that’s donating to my fundraising or listening to my rants after a stressful meeting, I really know they care. 

Ellie: My love language is people sending me music that they think I’d like. It means that they are thinking of me. I also love when people actually listen to the music I send them. And if they like it, bonus points.