‘Home for Bowling Green’: Fans reflect on Spencer’s Coffee

Students study at Spencer’s Coffee on Feb. 21, 2020.

Olivia Marshall

The Bowling Green coffee scene is going to get a second location of what’s already a community favorite. The new Spencer’s Coffee is set to open on the 31 W. Bypass. 

Although an exact opening date has yet to be set, the local coffee shop announced previously that they will open sometime in spring 2020, and fans of the shop couldn’t be more excited.

“I am excited about it for sure,” Tyler Cox, a WKU alum, said. “I’m excited about the same type of culture and experience but with a different environment.”

The new store will feature a drive-thru, an aspect that piques the interest of Abby Preston, a senior from Georgetown. 

“Especially since I am student teaching, on the go a lot driving to different schools, it will be such a nice thing to have in the morning,” Preston said. 

Some people believe that this feature will allow Spencer’s to reach a new audience and gain new customers. 

“I feel like the new location is going to be more commuters, people going to work, and going through the drive-thru will offer a totally new experience,” Cox said. “It’s going to be a little more convenient but the same quality product. So people who are on their way to work in the morning or never come downtown will still be able to be served by Spencer’s.”

Spencer’s employee Sam Clark notices the possibility for new customers to be reached due to its location.

“Something that deters people from coming here is the bad parking,” Clark said. “If they can’t find a parking spot, they just don’t come in. Since we will have a drive-thru there, and it’s in the center of town, it’s going to be a really good spot.”

Another highlight of the new store opening for frequent customers is the possibility of the original location being less crowded.

“Hopefully, it will be less crowded in the original location, so there can be enough space for everyone,” Stephanie Berec, a senior from Bowling Green, said.

But what draws WKU students into Spencer’s in the first place? For most students, it’s a great place to study.

“I’m excited to have another space to study and hang out,” Berec said. 

Preston mentioned how she prefers the atmosphere of Spencer’s over traditional study spots. 

“I like the combination of people studying and how there are always people you know, conversations going on — and it’s never the quiet study space that you’d find at a library or something, so there’s always a bustle,” Preston said.

Many say that the biggest reason people keep coming back to Spencer’s is the feeling of home. Customers can walk in and see their friends and classmates, be greeted by a barista that knows their name and enjoy drinks or food that they know are made with care. This feeling of home led to Spencer’s becoming a staple in the community.

“As a Western student, I feel like it’s almost a rite of passage,” Preston said. “You go to Spencer’s and you’re like, ‘Oh, I’ve heard all these people talking about it, and now I understand.’ So it’s become a staple in the community. Everyone knows about it, everyone knows what it is, and for the most part, everyone loves it.”

Even though Berec has only known about Spencer’s for five years, it has quickly become a spot where she feels comfortable and at home. 

“I feel like this is home for Bowling Green,” Berec said. “And you always see someone that you know here, regardless.”

What will this new location do for other local small businesses in Bowling Green? Some think that this will encourage others to grow and expand.

“I think it’ll give a little boost for other small businesses because I think Spencer’s growth shows that you can’t only have one successful business but have another one in a different location,” Berec said. “It’s really easy for Starbucks to be all around Bowling Green, but to have two Spencer’s where they are all local, it’s super cool for other small businesses to have that inspiration.”

“Bowling Green is a great place for small businesses, and I think it’s kinda cool that this place is growing,” Olivia Thomas, who works at Pet Central, a local pet store in Bowling Green, said. “It means good stuff for the rest of us.”

Clark said that Spencer’s has been great for other small businesses on the square, so he doesn’t expect anything less for the new location.

“I think it will be really good for other small businesses where it’s at,” Cox said. “With Spencer’s opening another location, it will bring more traffic to that area, so I feel like it will be really good for other businesses in that area.”

Will customers choose to go to the new location over the original? It depends on the customer. 

“I don’t know,” Berec said. “I feel like I might stay at the original, but I’d probably check it out once or twice. This one is closer to my house anyway, so I’d hang out here a little bit more.”

Thomas said that she is a stubborn person and would most likely keep coming to the original location but at least would “try out the new location.”

Cox said, “Probably just double the amount of time I’m going to Spencer’s between the two.”

No matter which location customers will go to, the growth of this local small business provides a bright future for the tight-knit community of Bowling Green. As Spencer’s keeps providing a meeting spot for students, families, church groups or friends who are catching up, it will continue to be the cornerstone of the Bowling Green and WKU community.  

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