How to snag free stuff on campus

The WKU restaurant group and office of sustainability hosted the market on avenue on September 18, 2019.

Kelley Holland

As students, we all have different majors, hobbies and interests. But one thing we undoubtedly have in common is our love for free stuff. There’s no better feeling than getting something for free, especially when you’re a broke college student, or just on a tight budget. Here are some ways you can snag free stuff on campus!

Follow a variety of WKU social media accounts

There are social media accounts for almost every organization and club on campus. If you follow them on Instagram or Twitter, you’re likely to see advertisements for events that offer free food, t-shirts and other goodies throughout the semester. Sometimes you can enter giveaways, too. 

There is almost always something going on at WKU that offers some free stuff, and it’s a great way to get involved and learn about activities on campus! 

Some recommendations to follow: 

WKU PCAL: Instagram / Twitter

WKU Campus Activities Board: Instagram / Twitter

Downing Student Union: Instagram / Twitter

WKU Events: Instagram 

WKU student activities: Instagram / Twitter

Go to sports events 

Usually if you attend a game, you can snag some free stuff. Again, keep an eye on social media and your student e-mail! Sometimes there are announcements stating that the first 150 fans receive a t-shirt, towel or other accessory. 

Visit DSU 

Have some time between classes? Stop by the first floor of DSU. There are almost always tables set up for various organizations and clubs. Many times, you can grab some free treats or enter giveaways. You might even learn about a new extracurricular activity or club that interests you. 

Check outside of DSU, too. Sometimes organizations like Greek life are handing out free snacks and drinks. 

Centennial Mall

This is another prime place for free things. Many times, there will be small events held here with tables set up to snag some free shirts. Sometimes there’s even free pizza! It never hurts to walk by Centennial Mall and check it out. 

Cherry Hall

If you like reading and are interested in seeing other students’ work, stop by Cherry Hall and pick up a free copy of Zephyrus on the first floor! Zephyrus is a magazine published annually by the WKU English Department. It features poetry, artwork and short stories written by students. 

Venture up to other floors and you’ll likely find some tables with free pens and notepads, courtesy of Gender and Women’s Studies. You can never have too many pens. 

Features reporter Kelley Holland can be reached at [email protected].