5 obscure on-campus jobs


Liza Rash

Finding a job on campus can be challenging. Many students feel as though most on-campus jobs must be dull and unexciting. However, after some digging, students may find that there are some pretty funky jobs offered here at Western. 

Look no further for that interesting resume filler; here are five obscure on-campus jobs that WKU is currently offering. 

1. Swim Instructor 

As a swim instructor, students report to the Department of Campus Recreation. This job’s requirements are a bit more extensive than others: students must possess an American Red Cross Lifeguarding/First-Aid and CPR/AED for the Professional rescuer or Water Safety Instructor Certification. First and foremost, students must ensure the safety of all swimmers at all times. They are also required to organize and conduct weekly private/personal and group swim lessons and log the progress of these lessons, collaborate with other employees, update the social media page, and hire and train new staff.

2. Dance Program Music Accompanist

Know how to play an instrument? You’re perfect for this job. This artistic role will involve improvising music for our dancers here at WKU. It’s listed as a “fun learning and collaborative work experience with students, faculty, and other musicians.” Any and all instruments are welcome. 

3. Furniture Crew

There’s only one requirement for this job, and that’s strength. General work responsibilities include moving/repairing furniture, making deliveries and other manual labor tasks around the residence halls on campus. Starting at eight dollars an hour, this job will give your bank account the little boost it needs. It should be pretty easy as well, if you’ve got the muscles. 

4. Basketball Suite Usher

Yes, there are jobs this specific. This customer service based position includes speaking with donors, fans, and visitors at WKU men’s and women’s basketball games in suite areas, as well as special campus events. It will also require a general knowledge of the athletic facilities at WKU and an ability to enforce the rules and policies of these facilities. It’s a perfect gig for students who love a sporty environment.

5. University Farm Laborer

Did you know that WKU has an official university owned and operated farm? As a part-time farm laborer, students will be expected to work 15 hours/wk during the semester and help the AREC staff maintain the grounds at the University Farm. This mostly includes mowing the green space of the farm. This position could potentially carry into the summer, at a full-time status.

All jobs listed above can be found online on Handshake. 

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