Guylentines Day: Valentine’s Day but for the bros

Olivia Marshall

Thanks to the popularity of the “Parks and Recreation” episode Galentine’s Day, ladies have a day to celebrate their love and friendship with one another right before Valentine’s Day. 

This day allows women to come together and embrace their tight-knit bonds with one another. While this is a great holiday, it makes one think: where is the male version of Valentine’s Day?

To solve this issue, a new holiday has been created so you and your bros can be bros and embrace that bromance that has been blossoming over the past two months. What is this holiday called you ask? It is called Guylentine’s Day.

Guylentine’s Day is to be celebrated the day after Valentine’s Day, February 15, and what better year to start this new tradition than on a Saturday, which everyone knows are for the boys.

Since this is a new holiday, here are some ideas on how you and your bros can embrace your bromance this Guylentine’s Day:

Shotgun a beer into each other’s mouths

What a better way to show your admiration for each other than to shotgun a beer into each other’s mouths. 

This possibly messy but loving activity will show how much you guys trust one another and how you can participate in your favorite past time together.

Make breakfast for each other

This could be a challenge considering you and your bros only have half a box of Frosted Flakes, three plastic spoons, your only cup sitting in the sink and one piece of bread left in your apartment.

Go grab some groceries from P.O.D. and make a nice meal for each other. Maybe even clear off the beer pong table in your kitchen to create a nice ambient setting in your barely furnished apartment. 

Go out for that nice dinner at Hilligan’s

Nothing can beat a romantic dinner at Hilligan’s. Grab your favorite table and gaze into each other’s eyes as you figure out if you want the pizza or fries for dinner.

Ask the waiter if you can bring one of your girlfriend’s scented candles to make the atmosphere more romantic. 

Doing your laundry

What a better way to end the evening than to finally do your laundry that you’ve been putting off for longer than you’d wish to admit.

Buy that detergent softener that you’ve been eyeing at the store since you arrived for the semester and just treat yourself to some clean clothes.

Play some beer pong

Finish off the day with a healthy game of beer pong. Nothing shows how much you care for one another than throwing ping pong balls into cups of beer for one another to drink. 

To really show you care, buy some new red solo cups for your game. The ones you’ve been putting in the dishwasher need to be retired. 

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