5 things about the Super Bowl from someone who’s never seen it

Gabrielle Bunton

Besides Beyonce’s iconic 2013 Super Bowl performance, a commercial or two is the most I’ve watched of the NFL. I know some people are seriously passionate about the sport, but it’s just never been my thing. Here are five things I know about the Super Bowl as someone who’s never seen it. 

1. Two teams are playing. I know it’s sad, but I can seriously not list any sports teams without looking them up. The most you’re going to see me paying attention to a sports team is due to them having attractive players.

I mean come on. Odell Beckham? DeSean Jackson? Let me stop before I start to gush over Jimmy Garoppolo.

2. The party foods are outstanding. Various dips, chips and other delicious finger foods are the go-to foods for this throwing a Super Bowl party. Some even give the simple finger foods a creative makeover to be football themed. 

3. The commercials are legendary. This is probably the only time people don’t skip over any commercials. These commercials have become a tradition that many can’t miss. Like fans do for Super Bowl parties, many companies put their unique and creative twist on something, making it memorable. 

4. It can get pretty heated. Quickly. Look it up. The amount of antics people give in to for one game seems to be too much for me. Remember when Patriots fans were fighting…each other? Why is it so serious? All I know is, I never want to be caught in the crossfire of the fans who take it over the top.

5.  It’s annoying to hear and see about. It’s like a spam on every social media account I have. From someone who doesn’t follow football, the constant reminder of this singular game just makes me hate it even more.

Overall, the Super Bowl is just another time for me to get free food, enjoy eye-catching men that are more than likely too old for me and enjoy others popping blood vessels from yelling at the TV screen. Either way, it will be a fun night.