Coming up with resolutions is tough, here is what our features staff hopes to change in the new decade

Herald writer Julie Sisler introduces herself during warmups with the Happy Gas Improv Troupe at Gordon Wilson Hall on Nov. 12, 2019.

Herald staff

Julie Sisler: “New Year’s resolutions are hard to follow through with, so I guess my resolution for this year is to come up with a doable resolution for next year.” 

Katelyn Latture: “I’m training to run a half marathon with one of my childhood friends after we graduate in May.” 

Taylor Metcalf: “My new year’s resolution is to focus on making the best decisions based on what I need, rather than what other people think I need.” 

Julianna Lowe: “My resolution is to be more environmentally conservative and waste less and recycle more.”

Gabrielle Bunton: “My resolution is to become a better writer and to become better with photography.” 

Michael Collins: “I hope to improve the state of journalism not only for the sake of my own career but also for the sake of our democracy. A free, honest press serves as a barrier to corruption and abuse by political figures and should be upheld at all costs.”