You said it: The foods to leave alone this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can mean special family time and relaxation for some, for others it may mean stressful meal preparation and annoying traveling.

Andrew Martel

As Thanksgiving approaches, the excitement (or lack thereof) of spending time with family and friends draws near. Perhaps what’s more exciting is the good food.

What isn’t so exciting is the one food you despise that’s always present at the dinner table … The one you can never seem to escape.

Perhaps you don’t hate the food, but coincidentally there’s just never enough room for it on your plate. You don’t have to feel bad — surely someone else will eat it, right? Well, according to fellow college students’ answers, you may be surprised by which Thanksgiving foods are disliked most.


It is shocking how many students said their least favorite Thanksgiving food is turkey. Considering turkey is almost always the main entree at any Thanksgiving, it’s hard to imagine you could enjoy the holiday without liking it.

However, the Thanksgiving turkey isn’t the only food at the table for which people seem to be a little less than thankful. Stuffing was the second most popular answer among students, most of which said the side was downright disgusting.

The third most popular response was less of a food than the other two, but the hate it received was nearly just as immense. I’m looking at you, cranberry sauce.

To make matters worse, each student who answered that cranberry sauce is food garbage gave their answer accompanied by cringing at the very thought of eating it.

Among some of the less popular answers were green bean casserole, broccoli casserole, deviled eggs and, most surprisingly, mashed potatoes.

“Mashed potatoes altogether need to go and die,” freshman Noah Burchette said.

Many of the students’ answers were foods not exclusive to Thanksgiving, as well, such as corn, green beans and other vegetables. Considering these dishes were likely present at some of the earliest Thanksgivings, it’s a wonder they could evoke so much distaste.

Despite this, it’s important to mention college students appreciate a home-cooked feast, even though there are certainly foods they are more thankful for than others. Realistically, there’s no need to feel guilty if you don’t like everything — chances are someone else feels the same.

I mean, just look on the bright side: Though there is no secret to liking something you can’t stand, you can always give away the leftovers.

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