Need some sleep? Here are 7 places on the Hill where you should nap

Car taillights pass in front of the Mahurin Honors College on March 8, 2018.

Julie Sisler

We’ve all had those days. The ones where you already pulled an all-nighter just to do homework or prep for a test but still have more to do. Though it sometimes seems impossible, a little time to relax and recharge can be a student’s best friend.

When work and sleep deprivation just become too much, keep in mind these top on-campus napping spots we’ve compiled just for you.

  1. Top floors of Cravens library. The quiet floors are ideal for an afternoon snooze. You can grab a comfy chair behind the stacks or even find a siesta spot with a prime view of the Hill. Just make sure you don’t snore — quiet hours are strictly enforced!

  2. Stairwells of Downing Student Union. This spot isn’t for those of you in need of specific nap conditions, but it is for those of you in need of a quick power nap. The back stairwells of DSU have plenty of nooks and crannies perfect for curling up for a quick break. 

  3. Second floor of the Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center, facing the fountain. The second floor of FAC features large windows looking down over the fountain. But more importantly, it features comfy, well-cushioned seats. Curl up on a bench, put your headphones in and pull a hood up  nobody will be able to tell if you’re snoozing or contemplating life.

  4. Study rooms in the Honors College and International Center. There’s something so relaxing about beautiful architecture and quiet, which makes HCIC a perfect nap destination. The study rooms on the second floor are perfect for getting away for a quick snooze, and bonus points if you can snag one of the oversized bean bags all around the group study areas. 

  5. Back hallways on the third floor of DSU. If you’re in need of a quiet, secluded spot, wander the halls of the top floor of DSU. The third floor is filled with back hallways to usually unused conference rooms. Venture back as far as you dare go and plop down to catch some z’s. 

  6. South Lawn. Though this spot isn’t hidden, it’s relatively common to walk down past South Lawn and see an array of happy nappers when the weather is nice. 

  7. Any place you can put a hammock. If a spot is able to hold a hammock, chances are it has and will again. Just wrap up in your cocoon of comfort and doze off for a bit.  

Features reporter Julie Sisler can be reached at [email protected]. Follow Julie on social media at @julie_sisler.