Five things to do over fall break

Fall break is approaching, and students are ready to relax without the stress of homework and upcoming exams.Whether you’re looking to relax or take on an epic adventure, fall is the perfect time to head outdoors, and Nat’s Outdoor Sports offers everything you need for whatever experience you embark on.

1.) Floating through fall break

Whether it’s on the Green River flowing through Mammoth Cave National Park or nearby Drakes Creek or Barren River, you will find kayaking trips ranging from 30 minutes to three hours without traveling far from Bowling Green. Grab a paddle and a life jacket – we recommend an Astral life jacket because it’s lightweight and has many features like pockets and rescue capabilities to keep you safe while also accommodating you on your expeditions. Invite a group of friends to kayak and cruise with you throughout western Kentucky’s waterways this fall break. It’ll make you forget you’re strengthening your arm muscles too!

2.) Beach bumming

If you’re lucky enough to be anywhere near the shores this fall break, take advantage of it. Grab your sunglasses and swimsuits, lather up on sunscreen, and work on your tan. With your Yeti cooler right by your side, you won’t have any reason to leave the sand and saltwater. While you’re basking in the sun this fall break, your drinks will stay cool and so will you. 

3.) Hiking more than just the Hill

As Hilltoppers, our calves are accustomed to climbing hills. So, whether you realize it or not, you are ready to take on some real trails and hiking. Go ahead and lace up your Garmont GTX hiking boots, which provide the perfect traction for trudging up those slopes. Trade in your school backpack for a durable Cotopaxi hiking backpack that comes in many different styles and colors for you to personalize it with  your adventurous needs. Breathe in that fresh air; reconnect with mother nature, and see what wildlife you can spot this fall break. And if you’re still in Bowling Green over the break, hiking trails are close by at Shanty Hollow, Mammoth Cave, Lost River Cave or Low Hollow.

4.) Rock on

If you’re interested in conquering a new feat this fall break, rock climbing might be the sport for you to try. Local indoor climbing gyms provide opportunities for climbers to hone in on their skills before applying them to the true boulders in the outdoors. One of the top rock climbing expeditions in the country is Red River Gorge, located in Slade, Kentucky. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor climbing, being properly equipped is essential and Origin climbing shoes are suitable for any climbing route. Its rubber soles provide good grip for climbers of all levels and tend to fit into the typical college student budget. As you’re ascending the rock formations, a harness is also necessary. The Black Diamond Momentum Harness is a durable device that will keep you comfortable after a long day of climbing and, most importantly, keep you safe.

5.) Gather around the campfire

To truly capture the essence of fall, spend a night outdoors. Pitch your MSR Hubba series tent that will protect you from any unexpected rain and gather around a campfire. In between telling spooky ghost stories and licking the sticky marshmallows and sweet-smelling chocolate off your fingers, hang an Eno from two trees and enjoy your time spent away from school. After a long night, roll out your comfy sleeping bags and drift away from reality with the soft melody of chirping crickets and the hooting of owls in the background.