If you were coffee, what kind would you be? We have your answer here


Kelley Holland

Frappuccinos, cappuccinos, lattes and Americanos. Today there is an extensive variety of coffee options, which means there’s truly something for everyone. But there are definitely stereotypes and personalities associated with the different options. What would these drinks look like as people, and which one are you? 

The Pumpkin Spice Latte: Auburn hair, round glasses and freckles. Wearing a sweater, jeans and fashionable ankle boots. Almost always keeping a knitted beanie nearby. Thrives in the fall and loves Halloween. Can probably be found somewhere curled up with a book. Shy, but loves being around people. English major. 

Standard black coffee: Tall and lanky, wearing all black — complete with ripped jeans and combat boots. Only owns band T-shirts. Not a people person, but is friendly once they get to know you. A bit of a coffee snob; thinks black coffee is the only acceptable form of caffeine. Graphic design major.


Caramel macchiato: Blonde hair, oversized T-shirts and leggings. Into sports, probably on the cheer squad. Stops at Starbucks multiple times throughout the day. Loves the summer time and is always taking selfies. Would rather be at a party. Nursing major. 

Frappuccino: Wavy brown hair with blonde highlights, wears a lot of vibrant colors. Always keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Classy and chic. Wears sunglasses and lots of jewelry often. Very bubbly personality. Interior design major. 

Iced mocha: Comfy, casual clothes. Workaholic. Always busy studying. Overachiever and perfectionist. Extremely good at math. Has many hidden talents. Not into parties but has a lot of friends. Biology major.

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